Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an Internet based marketing service where the organization pays for each visitor brought by the affiliate. It helps in growing awareness for the organization. We offer our clients affiliate marketing services and solutions for the advertisement of their products and/or services in the virtual world.

We believe in presenting the right product/service at the right platform at right time so as to make it highly effective. We also monitor the effectiveness of the affiliate marketing campaign and the conversion rates.

Explosionwebs Services as Affiliate marketing company assists you to incorporate various affiliate marketing solutions, including introduction, brand building, advertising on the web, and managing your affiliate network in the virtual world. Our team continuously works with your base networks, by promoting your products as a third-party vendor and diverting more web-traffic for your online business.

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy. Many businesses use a technique known as affiliate marketing to promote their products. This particular technique is quite popular, and used by prominent businesses to gain extra sales. Using affiliates to promote a business online is actually simpler than it may first appear. An Affiliate Marketing strategy is a great way for businesses to keep a tight control on their cost per acquisition (CPA). Aside from increased control of CPA, an effective Affiliate Marketing strategy allows businesses to build their brands at a lower cost. The basic principle of affiliate marketing is to refer a potential customer to the seller’s products or services and ensure they make a purchase. Any commissions earned by the affiliate are reflected through several databases containing the tracking and accounting systems.