3 months industrial training in Varanasi

Course Detail:PHP

Web Development:- PHP

  • Introduction to PHP
  • Taking User Input from Forms via PHP
  • Variables and Expressions in PHP
  • PHP Operators
  • Conditional Tests and Events in PHP
  • PHP Flow Control
  • PHP Configuration
  • PHP Functions
  • Storing Data in Arrays using PHP
  • MySQL Basics
  • MySQL Directory Structure
  • Designing and Creating Databases with MySQL
  • Creating Databases, Tables, and Indexes
  • Writing SQL Queries
  • Advanced SELECTs
  • Subqueries, Joins, and Unions
  • Inserting, Updating and Deleting Records
  • Using MySQL Built-In Functions with SELECT
  • MySQL Table Types and Transactions
  • Using Transactions with InnoDB Tables
  • Administering MySQL
  • Configuring MySQL
  • Administering Your Database
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Securing Your MySQL Installation
  • Replicating Your Database
  • Optimizing MySQL
  • Optimizing Your Database
  • Optimizing Your Queries
  • Handling Databases with PHP
  • String Manipulation in PHP
  • Sessions and Cookies in PHP
  • File and Directory Access Using PHP
  • Other I/O Issues in PHP
  • Handling Email with PHP
  • Object Orientation in PHP

MODULE 15: Live Project